• 4 Type voice convertor
  • Attend/make calls, Play/ pause track control
  • Enjoy FM radio


  • 4 Type voice convertor
  • Long press dual wireless karaoke
  • Increase or decrease remix according to your choice
  • Attend/make calls

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Wireless Bluetooth Mic

In India, what are the top wireless Bluetooth mic to buy? The best retailer of mobile phone accessories in the Delhi, CD Shop Telecom, offers a wide selection of high-quality wireless Bluetooth mic.

Your karaoke experiences will be spectacular because to the superior quality design and dependable features of CD Shop Telecom wireless Bluetooth mic.

With these lightweight, portable, and fashionable mics, you can now dance to the music and sing your heart out.

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The Need for CD Telecom Bluetooth mic and speaker

Utilize our Bluetooth mic and speaker to share your voice with the world. With the aid of crystal-clear sound and a solid frequency connection, you can now make karaoke’s and parties incredibly enjoyable.

They include a long press voice changer so you may express yourself freely. They have TF cards, which you can use to sing the tune of your choice.

To enjoy dual wireless karaoke with your pals, long press the button in Bluetooth mic and speaker.

What else you get in Bluetooth mic for mobile?

Within a few clicks, you can answer calls and play and pause music. For your convenience, we provide a variety of colours for our Bluetooth mic for mobile.

Enjoy yourself wherever you go!

Which Bluetooth speaker with mic Is the Best?

Are you unsure which Bluetooth speaker with mic to purchase?

Find the mic with speaker that checks off all the boxes if you’re looking for the best for events, Karaoke nights, or just for fun.

For enjoyable events, we strongly advise the use of portable Bluetooth microphones. Anyone can use these mic with speaker at anytime and anyplace with ease.

You get the best sound delivery, storage options, string connectivity, dynamic adjustments, and more with our Bluetooth speaker with mic in a single package.

One of the best selections of mic with speaker in the Delhi is offered by CD Shop Telecom India.

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How to record using Bluetooth mic?

Just insert the SD card in your Bluetooth mic and turn on recording switch.

How to record in Bluetooth mic?

Just insert the SD card in your Bluetooth mic and turn on recording switch.

How to connect Bluetooth mic to speaker?

Enable Bluetooth pairing and then connect to speaker.

Best Bluetooth mic for YouTube?

Best Bluetooth mic for YouTube is KM-MIC-21.

Best Bluetooth microphone for singing?

Best Bluetooth microphone for singing is KM-MIC-21.

Do we have Bluetooth speaker with Bluetooth microphone?

Yes, we do have Bluetooth speaker with Bluetooth microphone.

What is our Microphone price?

Our Microphone price starts from ₹300.

What is Bluetooth mic price?

Our Bluetooth mic price starts from ₹350.

Which is best wireless mic for mobile?

You can get KM-88 MIC which is wireless mic for mobile.

Do we have mike speaker?

Yes, we have mike speaker.

Do we have boat wireless speakers?

Yes, we do have boat wireless speakers.

Do we have Sony wireless speaker?

Yes, we do have Sony wireless speaker.

What is the durability of our wireless microphone with speaker?

Our wireless microphone with speaker comes with 6-month warranty.

Do we have Bluetooth speaker with wireless mic?

Yes, we have Bluetooth speaker with wireless mic.