boAt AUX 500

boAt AUX 500

  • Nylon Braiding
  • Durable Connectors
  • Universal Compatibility
  • 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack
  • 1.5m length


  • 3.5mm high fidelity
  • Stable Signal Transmission
  • 3.0m length
boAt AUX L500 Made In India

boAt AUX L500 Made In India

  • Tangle-Free Cable
  • Durable Connectors
  • Universal Compatibility
  • 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack
  • L-Shaped Connector
  • 1.5m length

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Aux Cable

CD Shop Telecom is one of the oldest boat aux cable retailers in the Delhi. We have a selection to meet all of your audio and fashion needs. Visit our website to look through the range of boat aux cable and other mobile accessories.

Make a statement with CD Shop Telecom extensive selection of stylish aux-cables. Our series include metal series for added durability as well as soft-wired cables. Now, wherever you are, let yourself be carried away by the music from boat aux cable.

The benefits of CD Shop Telecom Aux Cable

To connect to the music world, all you need are CD Shop Telecom’s high-quality mobile aux cable for headphones. Our dependable aux cables are available to make your experience exciting whether you are relaxing at home, taking a road trip with your pals, or attending a house party.

Now, add music to your life seamlessly, wherever you are with aux cable for headphones.

CD Shop Telecom aux cable for headphones work with speakers, automobile stereos, MP3 players, tablets, and smartphones. Enjoy non-stop music, movies, podcasts, and more now.

What’s best? These small aux cable for headphones are convenient to bring everywhere you go, whether you’re at work, exercising at the gym, relaxing at home, or going on an adventure.

Features Of High-Quality CD Shop Telecom aux cable connection:


With 3 mm jack aux cable connection that can be linked to different devices and used everywhere, you can listen to audio content. They have high-performance, steady signal transmission so, you can hear every nuance of the sound.


Our mobile aux cable connection gives you the best listening experience possible with their distinctive style and top-of-the-line construction.


The wire body has anti-knot sustenance and is breakage resistant, giving them the ideal tool for long-lasting music experiences.

To use, just connect the aux cable connection ends to your devices, and you’re ready to go!

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What is Aux cable price?

At CD Shop Telecom Aux cable price starts from ₹60.

Where I can get USB to AUX Cable?

At CD Shop Telecom you will get all types of Aux including USB to AUX Cable.

Where I can get aux cable for car?

You can get aux cable for car at CD Shop Telecom.

Want Aux cable for speaker?

Visit CDShopTelecom Aux cable for speaker.

Do we have Aux Cable with mic?

Yes, we do have Aux cable with mic.

How to connect aux cable to LG TV?

LG TV only supports HDMI ARC, Optical, or line out for cable connections. Simply plug in your external audio devices to play audio and select the “sound out” option to “external audio devices”. Visit to Know more about How to connect aux cable to LG TV 

Best Aux cable for headphones?

Boat aux cable are the best Aux cable for your headphones.